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"Using Piedmontese sires over British breed females gives me at least a 4% higher dressing % than a straight British breed.  Quicker growth rate, more beef but retaining some fat cover.  The vealers reach 180kg carcass weight in a shorter time.

I really think the breed looks rosy for medium/long term if we can get Piedmontese sired beef into the MSA programme and win more carcass competitions.

The reason I am involved with the Piedmontese breed is because I know they are excellent cattle.  They have unique qualities that other breeds cannot offer.

Benefits I have derived from membership are:

  1. I have learnt more about the breed
  2. Meeting our members/sharing information
  3. Knowledge of bloodlines.

In November 2000 I was named as 1 of the top 10 Young Farmers in SA.  Piedmontese featured in the article."

Geoffrey Bowles
Piedmontese Breeder
Mount Compass SA


"I am a physician / cardiologist by profession and believe that lean beef should be the only beef consumed in Australia and I believe the Piedmontese breed has the tenderest lean beef - so should have a big future."

C.P. Van Gend
Piedmontese Breeder
Grafton, Northern NSW


"We find the Piedmontese Breed different and distinctive."

Darryl & Kerrie Flegg
Stud Breeders
Bowral, NSW


"Quiet and easy to handle.  More money per head of cattle sold."

Stephen & Brigitte Olivier
Commercial Producers
Gin Gin Qld



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