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Everyone involved along the line receives benefits.

This is a unique situation that we believe is peculiar to the Piedmontese Breed.

The Grower and all Others in the Value Chain will make MORE $$$'s and also reap the Health Benefits if they use Piedmontese - IT'S INVEVITABLE!

bulletTrim Fat Genetically!
The demand for leaner beef is not just a passing fancy.  It's a fundamental consumer attitude shaping the beef industry's future.
We must respond.

Piedmontese beef is exactly what the public is seeking: lean, low in cholesterol and delicious!
Just to look at a Piedmontese carcass is incredible.  There is practically no fat - it has been trimmed genetically!
bulletLow Cholesterol
Piedmontese beef is uniquely low in cholesterol.  Besides being so lean, it has a higher proportion of white vs. red muscle fibres when compared to other beef.


As the chart shows, ounce for ounce it has less cholesterol than pork, chicken or even flounder.

bulletMuscle Hyperplasia Means More Beef!
Muscle hyperplasia is in itself a remarkable trait.  As the name implies, it dramatically increases the amount of red meat on a carcass.
Some have the perception that muscle hyperplasia means trouble.  In other breeds it's a mutation.  But in Piedmontese it's a controllable and very desirable genetic trait.
bulletHighest Dressing Percentages!
Due to muscle hyperplasia, small bones and low fat, Piedmontese have more usable meat per pound of live weight than any other breed. On average a Piedmontese carcass dresses out at 72%, compared to 63% for normal cattle.
That calculates to be 14% more beef!*. 
Yet this is only part of the more beef story ...
bulletUnrivaled Cutability!
The second part of the story is even more incredible!  Due to the uncanny lack of fat on a Piedmontese carcass, cutability is remarkable.  This is virtually no waste!
Yields are so good the yield grading system can't accurately reflect them.  They compute to be even better than 1.0, which is theoretically the perfect score.
To illustrate, consider this documented comparison by Franci Doom in Wagner, South Dakota.  Two similar animals, one a 3/4 Limousin - 1/9 Hereford - 1/8 Simmental cross and the other a 3/4 Piedmontese - 1/8 Hereford - 1/8 Simmental cross, were butchered in a USDA facility under the observation of a USDA inspector.  The 3/4 blood Limousin had a very respectable 62.12 dressing percentage, but the 3/4 blood Piedmontese was a whopping 69.29%. (11.5% more of its carcass left hanging!)
Documented Comparison 3/4Limousin
Live Weight 1200 lbs. 1260 lbs.
Warm Carcass Weight 749 lbs 873 lbs.
Dressing Percentage 62.12% 69.29%
Maturity A A
Adj. Fat Thickness 2.8 2.0
Rib Eye Area 13.9 sq. in. 19.8 sq. in.
K.H.P. 3.5% 1.5%
Yield Grade 2.4 1.0*
Total Waste Trim 183 lbs. 5 lbs. 12 oz.
Source: The Doom Stud, So. Dakota
*Mathematically = minus 1.2

Then they cut both, keeping careful track of the waste from each.  When finished with the Limousin cross they gathered up 183 pounds of waste trim.  About what you'd expect.

But when they had completed the cutting of the Piedmontese cross - and the astonished official observers document this - the tiny pile of waste trim weighed only 5 pounds 12 ounces!

Do you want to grow waste to be thrown on the Butcher's floor, or lean, profitable beef?

But wait - there's still more...

bulletBeef Where It Counts!
It's clear that Piedmontese have substantially more beef, and now consider this:  The extra beef is largely in prime cuts!
Piedmontese carcasses are cut from front to back as delicious steaks or roasts. A typical Piedmontese carcass ratio is 70-80% high priced cuts, with only 20-30% hamburger.
Experts consider rib-eye measurements to be the most telling indicator in evaluating an animal's profitability.  Piedmontese rib-eyes aren't 13 or 14", they're 19-20" - literally a meal for two or more!



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