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Health promoting technologies are sought at every turn these days. We all want to be healthier and reduce the risk of serious disease as far as possible.

Most of us, having tried many of the “health” foods and remedies recommended, find the blandness or straight out unpalatability of some of them too much!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could tuck into a tender, juicy piece of steak and know at the same time that we are doing our heart good?

Well, you can if it is Piedmontese beef!

Numerous tests have proven Piedmontese beef to be “healthy” beef. It has considerably less cholesterol than other beef and lower than some other foods recommended for lowering cholesterol.

That’s all ok you say, but it is probably tough. Well if you check out the “research” page, you will find this is not the case. In fact Piedmontese beef has been proven to be more tender than other everyday beef on our supermarket shelves.

Per 3.5 oz serving Calories Calories from fat Total Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Protein (g)
*Piedmontese 104 16.5 1.9 0.6 31.5 21.6
Chicken 119 27.72 3.08 0.79 70 21.39
Beef 287 212.04 23.56 10.1 70 17.54
Pork 275 202.5 22.55 8.17 72 16.74
Turkey 110 14.22 1.58 0.53 73 22.32
Salmon 116 31.05 3.45 0.56 52 19.94
Swordfish 121 36.09 4.01 1.09 39 19.8

Ounce for ounce it has less cholesterol than pork, chicken, turkey or even fish.

As for taste it’s terrific. You only have to read the “growers…” page to see that the taste of Piedmontese beef is one of it’s many attributes.

The numbers of Piedmontese cattle available for beef production in Australia are still not large. You may have to be very patient at this stage. However, asking your quality butcher for Piedmontese beef will assist the process.

Let them know you want the best!

Also, ask at good restaurants if they have Piedmontese beef on the menu. Italian Restaurants particularly should be keen to serve Piedmontese beef.


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