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Low Fat, But Delicious!
Fat cover and marbling have traditionally been associated with good flavour, but that relationship doesn't hold with Piedmontese beef.  Though there is hardly any fat, the meat is extremely tender, juicy and delicious.
The reactions of the Regina Academy Chefs de Cuisine upon sampling the first half-blood Piedmontese beef available in North America were very favourable:

bullet"The Piedmontese meat was very tender, with excellent flavour, and was one of the best steaks I've ever tasted."

Mr. Richard Parisian,
Liaison with the Hotel and Restaurant industry.

bullet"The steaks were perfect in colouring; tenderness was superb; it was juicy and unusually tasty."

Mr John Nater,
Executive Chef of the Regina Inn.

bullet"The steak was like veal, with excellent tenderness and flavour."

Mr Fausta Presutti,
Executive Chef.



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