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"Based on research done by the Netherlands Department of Agriculture proving that crossbreeding with Piedmontese gave the best results of all beef breeds trialled, I decided to commence breeding Piedmontese in Australia.

In the early '90;s, due to quarantine restrictions, availability of genetics was limited and could only be sourced from USA, Canada and Denmark. I managed to import 30 embryo's from Denmark.  Due to ignorance the wrong recipients were chosen (Freisian heifers) and severe calving difficulties were experienced.

With the opening of imports from Italy I have been able to source my genetics from ANABORAPI, the central bull testing station, and calving difficulties have been a thing of the past.

The herd now consists of 30 breeders and all have calved without assistance.

They are on improved pasture year-round, varying from lush when it rains, to dry in drought conditions.  Temperatures range from -3 in winter to +40 in summer without any great influence on their condition.  They are extremely easy to handle in the paddocks and in the yards.

The cows are excellent mothers with good milk supply for their calves.  Supplementary "creep-feeding" gives optimum results.

I have commenced selling full blood steer calves (growing them to 380kg for the butcher trade).  This has been very successful, demand exceeding supply.  The butcher is pleased with the yield (72% to 82% of carcass weight) and the consumer comes back for more because of the quality of the meat (no fat, tender and tasty).  With crossbred steers similar results have been achieved with slightly more fat cover.

With the focus on lean meat there should be a great future for Piedmontese."

Con Van Kretschmar
TelemonPiedmontese Stud
Beaudesert, Qld

"The Piedmontese Breed will bring high dollars when sold over the hooks in the short term - Long term - more dollars based on yield."

Stephen Nussio
Advanced Rural Industries P/L
Piedmontese Breeder
Healesville, Vic.


"Benefits derived from membership are Registered Cattle Handbook for the breed.  good network of friends and associates through Australia.

Profitability - eating quality - easy care animals.  No eye and foot problems.  Basically intelligent animals.  Won and placed in carcass competitions Brisband - Tamworth - Singleton - Bundaberg.

D Birch
Commercial Producer
Janalson Pastoral Co PL
Aberdeen NSW




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