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"It was while dairying that I first started using Piedmontese bulls (via A.1.) in 1987.  Crossing almost every breed with my dairy cows I noticed that the Piedmontese crosses were the best in terms of:
  1. Growth rate
  2. Muscling
  3. A higher return compared to other breeds, and
  4. When slaughtering the animals that I grew out for meat, I discovered that the meat was exceptionally good in taste, tenderness and much lower in fat than normal meat.

Naturally when I decided to change over to beef breeding I was greatly influenced by the result of my crossbreeding experiments on the dairy farm, as well as the ample research available on Piedmontese meat ..... the most striking of this info concerning the LOW levels of cholesterol in the meat.  Combined with the low levels of fat (calories), it makes Piedmontese meat the perfect product to target the growing "health" market in Australia.  To this end I have endeavored to develop a decent size Piedmontese herd, to the extent that I now have the largest Piedmontese herd in Victoria and one of the largest on the Eastern Seaboard, of fullblood Piedmontese."


Visitors to the farm are most welcome.  If you ring and give me enough warning I'll cook up some pure Piedmontese meat for you to sample and tell your friends about.

The meat is truly exceptional in taste and tenderness as well as containing 1/2 the level of cholesterol and about 1/3 the level of fat - better than chicken or fish!!  Being lower in fat also means being lower in calories.  So why would you eat the rest, when you can eat the best !!?

Maria Simon
Piedmontese Breeder
Violet Town, NW Vic

"We feel the breed is different and because of the lean meat produced by the breed, we thought we were in a winning position.  We have shown the breed inSouthern NSW and hae won numerous places and awardsin local shows."

H & M Jeske
Piedmontese Breeders
Cambewarra, NSW


"Benefits the Piedmontese Breed bring to my operation are an increase in my profitability through yield increase."

Lyndon Mulligan
Spelga Pastoral Co.
Moree, NSW


"Increased weight of commercial calves - good cross.  F1 heifers good breeders.  Successful in carcass competitions."

Dr George Jacobs
Medico and
Commercial Piedmontese Breeder
Narromine, NSW



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