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Breed Has Muscle
Proof in the Pudding






LAST August I bought a line of Murray Grey cows with baby calves at foot in a special sale at the Geelong yards.  
  Nothing spectacular about that you might say, except that the calves were by a Piedmontese bull.
Although only a few weeks old, what took my fancy were the outstanding characteristics already evident in these calves.  
  Before we go any further, perhaps I should quote from The Weekly Times Royal Show Cattle section winners insert of 1996, which said:

 "Piedmontese - originated in North Italy.

"First imported into Australia in 1988.

Features - double muscle after birth, docility and good milking ability."

What stood out in these Piedmontese - Murray Grey calves, even at that age, was their muscle hyperplasia.  
  The cows and calves went to a property on the Bellarine Peninsula near Drysdale, called Brambledale Farm, belonging to the Vorrath family, from where the first run of vealers were sold a fortnight ago.`
The calves impressed with length, size, temperament and this magnificent double muscled rear end.  
  Local Portarlington butcher, Gary Bailey, was the eager recipient of this first batch of calves and was most impressed with their cutting ability.
In fact Gary tenderised some round steak for the barbecue and it just melted in his mouth, he said.  
  The next consignment will be in his shop from today, if any locals want to try a sample.
Godfrey and Irene Layton, Abalever Pty Ltd Winchelsea, were the breeders of the outfits I bought and Charles Stewart & Co the selling agents.  
  Godfrey told me he bought the Murray Grey mothers in a feature sale at Colac in 1994 and joined them to a Piedmontese bull bought from the Brookfield Stud at Wangaratta.
EBV's were outstanding, small calves at birth, rapid development and a fat content of only 5 per cent.  
  Godfrey has a Gelbvieh stud himself, selling 10 to 12 Gelbvieh bulls each year, averaging $1400, and, besides Piedmontese he also experiments, with Belgian Blue sires over Charolais females.
I speak in glowing terms about this Piedmontese breed because I have seen the results.  


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