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Mr. Braithwaite said the meat quality of the Piedmontese cross had proven "much softer" than its high muscling appearance suggested, and produced finely textured, tender, flavorsome beef.  
  His reason for quickly returning to the Roses with more orders was based on what he described as "incredible" customer response to the Piedmontese cross beef.  While his shop's trials with MSA beef had yielded only minimal customer comment, he was overwhelmed by the high level of return demand the Piedmontese cross beef generated.
In fact, he estimates his shop sale of beef have now increased by 300pc since he first began buying the Rose's cattle.

"At first we were concerned about whether we would get adequate fat cover, but in the cross they have been getting 6 to 7mm, and have an extremely high meat to bone yield of about 78% - that compares with about 70% on average.

"We are now selling the Piedmontese as quickly as we can get it.  We've almost cleaned Jeffery out this year and we are taking them as often as he can give them to us."


Mark Hobbs, the butcher who manages
Mr Braithwaite's Hervey Bay butchery,
with a Piedmontese cross hindquarter.

  Mark Hobbs, the butcher who manages Mr. Braithwaite's Point Vernon Butchery at Hervey Bay, described the Piedmontese beef as "pretty freaky":  "Sometimes the fat cover is as low as 2mm and if you looked at it you might give it only one or two star MSA rating, but it has the eating quality of 4 or 5," Mr. Hobbs said.

"It is the sort of beef butchers have been looking for 40 years - low fat but still full of flavour and tenderness".

Mr. Braithwaite, who has worked in the Australian meat trade for 20 years, personally selects the steers from the Ross, taking them at about 18 to 20 months when they normally dress between 250kg and 260kg.  

He prefers them crop fed with access to grain which he says provides the eating quality of grass-fed and the white fat colour of grain, results in a "very good quality, presentable product".





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