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Using Images on Multiple HerdMASTER Systems

What does HerdMASTER store?

When backing up or synching, HerdMASTER does not copy images, it copies the path to images.

So when you have used a background image for visual farm at c:\my HM Images\farm.jpg, then that path is what is copied, not the image.

Why aren’t images saved in the backup?

Imagine you have a herd of 2000 cattle with only 1 image for each of them. A high-quality image will be about 2-6MB in size.

This would make the database size at least 3.9-12 gigabyte bigger than it currently is!

Can you imagine how long it would take to sync?

We treat all images the same way in HerdMASTER, whether for a contact, animal or for visual farm.

How do I share images?

By sharing the path. If you have the same location with the same file in it on your other computers, then HerdMASTER will find it.

So using the first example, if both computers had the path: c:\my HM Images\farm.jpg then the image there would be used on both systems.

Other options include using One-Drive, Microsoft’s sharing system or Google Drive. Just read your terms and conditions first (Google owns everything you put on their shared drive system). If you had a path to a file in a One-Drive account that your other computer has access to, then HerdMASTER could use that path on every computer.

Another path that exists on every computer running HerdMASTER is c:\HerdMASTERSQL\ if you place your images into a folder in there and make sure they are in the same folder on each computer this will also work.