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Submitting Mature Cow Weights to BREEDPLAN

Once you have recorded mature cow weights (cow weights within two weeks of their calves 200 day weight) in HerdMASTER; you can submit mature cow weight performance to BREEDPLAN.

Submitting Weights

  1. Click on Reports > BREEDPLAN Reports > Weights and Traits.
  2. Select MA for the observation code (If you use a different observation code for mature weights use that) hit next when ready.
  3. On the next page select the Analysis indicator M for Cow Wt at Weaning of Calf. If you wish to submit additional data, in association with your mature cow weight performance (e.g. hip height): click the box next to the trait for which you wish to submit performance. The trait code that you used when entering the data should also be selected in the drop down box. Click the drop down menu to change the trait code.
  4. Use the next screen to include any other trait information you wish.
  5. Select the animals you wish to report on.
  6. Click the Finish button, if there are any errors or problems then a summary will be generated telling you what has caused the issue, otherwise simply hit the buttons at the bottom to choose how you wish to submit the information.
  7. Use the Save. Mail and World icons to:
    • Save to DAT file for you to email manually
    • Use your Email program to Email
    • Use HerdMASTER to Email BREEDPLAN