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Preparing a Weights and Traits Extract for BREEDPLAN

How to prepare a weights and traits BREEDPLAN extract is outlined with images in the downloadable document.

  1. Open HerdMASTER and click the Reports menu item. Hover over the BREEDPLAN Reports option and choose Weights and Traits.
  2. This will bring up a series of windows with fields that you will need to fill in.
  3. Firstly, fill in the Owner and Range Selection fields. You can apply filters based on Observation Codes and/or date ranges here. When you have filled these fields in, click Next.
  4. Next, select any applicable traits that you wish to add to the report by clicking the check boxes on the left. At this point you can also add the Scanners Identification Number and choose an Analysis Indicator, the analysis indicator is only used for special weights such as mature weights or feedlot weights, if you are submitting any traits here you must have a scanner accreditation number.
  5. If these don’t apply to your current situation simply leave them blank. When you have filled in the relevant options, click Next.
  6. The next screen allows you to apply any other additional traits such as Flight Speed with your report. These additional traits will need to be mapped with standard ABRI traits before you can apply them here. This step is optional, if none apply simply click Next.
  7. This will bring you to the Animal Selection screen. From here you can select any or all the animals on your Animal List.
  8. Highlight a selection with your mouse by performing any of the following:
    • Clicking and dragging to highlight a selection of animals
    • Clicking on the first animal, scrolling to the last relevant animal, holding the Shift key and clicking on that last animal.
    • Holding Ctrl while clicking on individual animals within the list to select only those without selecting those in between.
  9. You can also apply Worksheets or Active Filters to the Animal List to further refine and streamline your animal selections.
  10. Once you have selected all the relevant animals from the Available Animals field, click the Right arrow to move them to the Selected Animals field. These are the animals that will be included on the report. If you wish, you can remove any animals from this list by clicking on them and then clicking the Left arrow.
  11. Once you are satisfied with the animals in the Selected Animals list, click Finish. This will begin generating the report.
  12. When the report is generated you will notice two icons at the bottom of the page. The disc icon allows you to save the report to your computer to manually attach it to an email or have a hard copy handy. By default HerdMASTER will save it to Exports folder in the HerdMASTER Suite folder, however you can save it to an alternate location such as a USB drive. The envelope icon attaches the report to an email. Simply fill in the address details on the email and its ready to send.

Email error

For Error: “mapisendmail failed mapi failed (map2)”

If you cannot use the E-Mail button within HerdMASTER, then click on the world icon that is next to the E-Mail button.

This will send the E-Mail through our servers to your society etc. It will also send a copy to your own email address for your records.