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On Farm Growth Test Phase D

  1. The first step before you begin recording Phase D tests is to configure the validation options in HerdMASTER.
  2. Click the Setup Menu > Site Options on the ‘On Farm Growth Test (Phase D) tab.
  3. These validation settings are designed to assist you when entering test information and records. They are only a guide. If you are having trouble entering data you can relax the constraints to allow HerdMASTER to accept vales outside the default value ranges. E.g. if you are getting an error that the animals are too old at the start of the test, you can increase the maximum age to a higher number thus allowing HerdMASTER to accept older animals.
  4. Once you have verified the validation settings or constraints in the site options you can create your first test. Click Data Entry | On Farm Growth Test (Phase D), then click the Add New Button.
  5. Enter a Group Name, Adaption Date, Start Date ( currently the start date must be completed manually this might change in the future )and number of tests. The End date will automatically be calculated based on the start date and the number of tests multiplied by the days between tests site option. The adaption date refers to the date that you began grouping the animals.
  6. Add the animals in the test group by clicking the right hand arrow button and enter adaption and start weights for the animals. When all details are correct click the Process button to create the test group.
  7. You will receive a message to indicate that the group was successfully created. You can then close the Add New screen and return to the Phase D workbench. The new group will be listed in the left hand grid and the details of the selected group will be displayed in the right hand grid.
  8. Click the Record weights button to record weights against the group. When the Record Weights screen appears there are two each has a different method of recording weights against animals in the test group.
  9. The first method is to record weights one test at a time. The Phase D Test Group drop down list displays the group you are entering weights for. The Weigh Date drop down will display the date for the specific test you are entering weights for. The dates are determined by the days between tests and the number of tests specified when you create the test group. When using this method to enter weights make sure you have the correct test group specified and the correct test date selected and then enter the weights for each animal. Once the weight is entered you can move onto the next weight or test date.
  10. The other method you can choose to enter weights is a grid where each test date is a column in the grid. You can enter multiple test weights at a time using this method. This method would be most useful when you are entering multiple test weights after the test has finished and you already have all the test data ready to enter. Fill in each weight for the animals and close the screen when you are done.
  11. Once you close the Record Weights screen you will be returned to the Phase D workbench where your group will now have an end weight displayed.
  12. At this point you can view the results or print a report of the group by clicking the Results button.
  13. The highest ranking value in each column will be highlighted in grey.
  14. To view a report click the report button.