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HerdMASTER Device Integration (Scales and Wands)


Make sure that the settings in Setup | RFID and Scale Devices matches as closely to the settings of the individual device, so BAUD rate must be the same, although a good fallback would be to use 9600 baud for any device. Just set your device to the appropriate rate and make sure HerdMASTER is set to the same rate.

 Unless otherwise specified, In Setup | Site Options -> CSRU, make sure that PNP devices is Unchecked.


The EW7 device usually requires the purchase of extra cables to function properly as other devices do when connected by cable. (USB to Serial & Serial to USB).

Bluetooth can be used, however it means you must hit the get weight button in the HerdMASTER CSRU EVERY time you want a weight.

Using Bluetooth device settings: Make sure you have paired the Bluetooth to the computer and you have set the device to Manual (not automatic).

HerdMASTER Bluetooth settings: In RFID and Scale Devices: set send character as {R0}, other settings would stay the same

Iconix FX41

HerdMASTER settings: In Setup > RFID and Scale Devices: 7 Data Bits, Even Parity, 1 stop bit, 19200 baud.

Windows: Make sure the port settings in windows mimic the above settings.


Device settings: Make sure the port connected to the computer is set to Ruddweigh NOT computer (computer mode is used only for file transfer at a later time). When taking weights, have it on Auto, but if you find you cannot get a stable weight use the button on the device to re-attempt a stable weight or use manual mode.

HerdMASTER settings: Uncheck the confirmation sounds as the Ruddweigh devices are constantly sending information this will mean there will be constant ‘bings’ coming from the computer. In Setup > RFID and Scale Devices: for the 600 series and onwards make sure Flow Control is set to ‘Xon Xoff’, for previous models this is off.

Thunderbird PS3000 & ES6000

Device settings: Make sure drafting is off and that the mode is on livestock or livestock locking.

HerdMASTER settings: In RFID and Scale Devices: set send character as ‘!’ if you want to have the weight constantly updating, otherwise make it ‘?’ to only get the weight when the get weight button is pressed. other settings would stay the same. If you have set it to constantly updating weights, uncheck Use Sounds in Setup > Site Options -> CSRU.

Wands & RFID Readers

Gallagher Bluetooth devices

The HR3 and HR5 both allow for reading in directly through Bluetooth into the CSRU.

Get the device paired with windows, make a note of its com port and in your device settings put it in as the com port to read on. Put the device into tag reading mode.

Do not worry if the computer says that the device is not present, it will automatically connect when it reads a tag.

When you hit the start button the wand should tell you that your computer has connected, you can start to read the tags.

Data Mars

Make sure the wand is setup so that it is only transmitting the RFID and no other characters.