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Crush Side Recording Utility Manual

The HerdMASTER 4 Crush Side Recording Utility (CSRU) has been designed to allow users who have a laptop or tablet at the yards, to not only view previous information but also record new information against animals as they are scanned in the race. As long as a full version of Windows can run on the device then the Crush Side Recording Utility can be run on it.

You will need an RFID reader and optionally, Electronic scales to be connected to the PC at the yards. Saltbush’s unique Plug and Play system will identify the type of device connected to the system and establish a connection with it. There is also a manual device interface for custom situations and older or foreign devices. Alternatively you can load a session of scanned animals from a file. This allows users to import animals and record the same details against them without having a PC present at the yards.

As you scan a tag, the scanned animal’s previous weights, traits, procedures, preg test info, and basic details will be populated on the screen. You can then record new weights, traits, procedures, preg tests, as well as update basic animal info such as sex or date of birth. Using the Trait and Procedure Template’s users can record virtually any combination of Traits and Procedures against each animal.

Automatically calculated information such as Average Daily Weight Gain (ADWG) and estimated ADWG is displayed for each animal, and each animal’s weight to assist in drafting and performance monitoring.

Sessions can be saved to allow users to record a single session over multiple recording periods, even if they have to shut down the computer due to a low battery to move between yards or any other situation. There is a viewable overview of the unique animals and their weights in the order they were scanned.