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Animal Withholding List Report

This report will generate a list of animals that are currently withheld or export limited due to treatments/procedures carried out on them.

When you generate this report the first pages will be the withholding period of the animals. The second set of pages will contain the Export Restricted animals. SO REMEMBER TO CHECK ALL PAGES EVEN IF THE FIRST IS BLANK.

QA Report to check the WHP on your animals

  1. Open Reports > QA Reports > Animal Withholding.
  2. Using your worksheets and filters limit your animal list to the animals you are checking.
  3. Use the green buttons to move the selected animals into the process list on the right.
  4. Check the “As at Date” field and hit the OK button when ready.
  5. The subsequent list will have any animals that are either withheld or export limited on the “As at Date”.
  6. On the first pages will be listed any animals which should be withheld, what procedure is withholding them, when the procedure or treatment was performed and what date they should be withheld to. On the next pages, will be listed any animals which should be export limited, what procedure or treatment is limiting them, when the treatment was performed and what date they are restricted until. ALWAYS make sure you check at least two pages for the information as an animal may not be withheld but may be export restricted by a treatment, leading to a blank first page.