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Installation FAQs

What do I do when I get an error code 5 (or 1505)?

An error appearing with error code 5 or 1505 is usually due to folder permissions in window 7 onwards not being set to allow the current user to install software to the folders required.

Make sure you have administrator privileges, if you already do, try running the program with administrator privileges by right clicking the file and selecting Run As Administrator from the menu.

What do I do if the installer says some components failed?

There are many reasons this may occur, from permissions not allowing the installation to issues with current installs of sql.

When installing the program says that some components HerdMASTER requires failed to install, try re-running the installer as an administrator by right clicking the downloader and selecting Run As Administrator.

If this does not work, please contact HedrMASTER.

What do I do if Windows asks me what program to use to run the downloader?

Sometimes when you try to run HerdMASTERDownloader, a window pops up with a window asking which program to open it with.

Some security settings on newer versions of windows will strip the file extension (the bit of the filename that tells windows what kind of file it is) from the filename. The file will not have an icon in this case. The file should be called herdmasterdownloader.exe but windows has named it herdmasterdownloader

To fix this, in file explorer, edit the name of the file and type .exe at the end then press ENTRE on your keyboard. The file should now have an icon, and you should now be able to run the program.

One-on-one support via phone, email and remote assistance is available for paid HerdMASTER subscriptions.

Users of the free version are welcome to use the online support such as tipsheets and videos on the Knowledge Base. However, one-on-one support may be charged for. 
To find the contacts appropriate for your country go to the contacts page.

Remote assistance

HerdMASTER support technicians can directly log on to your computer through the internet. This allows us to help show you how to do things, fix errors and even identify particular problems for you.

Click on the button and enter the 6 digit support code that the technician supplies you and run the downloaded program.

Request user training

HerdMASTER organises group training sessions to train users on our product, if there is going to be a training session near you we will automatically send you an invitation and details.

You can also request an individual training session for yourself or for others on specific or general use of HerdMASTER 4.

Fill in the contact form to organise a training session.