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Beef Member
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Herd Letters Location Membership#
Bruce & Tara Aeschbacher      Pooh Acres  POO  Versailles MO  13091 
Steve Alexander      STAR Ranch  STA  Browning MO  15113 
Nicolas or Abby Allphin      The Allphin Farmhouse  NAA  Granby MO  14798 
Gloria Asmussen      Red Willow  Tunas MO  9992 
Kim Barnes & Chase Barnes      Circle KB    Raymore MO  15161 
Tyler or Sarah Bird      Bird Cattle Company  TSB  Fordland MO  14802 
Scott Blake      Blake Family Farm  SLB  Glen Allen MO  14937 
Deanna Boehm      Hidden Creek Homestead  DLB  Pleasant Hill MO  12249 
Chad Buckwalter      Cholly Farms  CHO  Cape Fair MO  11506 
John Carrigan      Whispering Truth Ranch  ATC  Stark City MO  13496 
Gary or Cindy Cheek      Cheek Farm  CHK  Fair Grove MO  8848 
Dale Colclasure & Valeriia Nagornykh      Milk & Honey Highlands    Marble Hill MO  14987 
Cathrine Collins      Lost Lake Farm  CAT  Columbia MO  14959 
Brandon Cowles      Pomme De Terre Prairie  PDT  Strafford MO  13486 
Edward Crowley      Ozark Highland Cattle Company  MMC  Glenallen MO  13879