Highland Cattle Member Listing 

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Beef Member
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Herd Letters Location Membership#
Andy or Lorri Anderson      New River Highland Cattle Farm  NRH  Sparta NC  12966 
Jacob or Jerrica Bailey      Running B Ranch  AWB  Mooresboro NC  14941 
Crystal Lail Barlow      Blue Ridge Highland Company  KCB  Lenoir NC  14626 
Avery & Devin Belcher      Oak + Fennel Farms  OAF  Wilmington NC  14718 
Patrick Breedlove      Breedlove Family Farms Inc.  PJB  Bryson City NC  12700 
Ken & Glenda Cahill      Wildberry Farm  WBL  Leicester NC  8109 
Martin or Melanie Campo      Land o the Leal  LOL  Alexis NC  14092 
Travis or Sarah Covington      Hawfields Cattle Company  HWC  Mebane NC  12874 
Bradley Curell      Curly Acres    Belmont NC  15078 
Ned & Patti Cuthbertson      Cuthbertson Farms  NPC  Rutherfordton NC  14457 
Peter Daniel          Millers Creek NC  13982 
JulieAnne Dawkins      The Farm at Berry Lane    Pleasant Garden NC  14770 
Wesley Edison      Edison Farms    Dallas NC  15052 
Shane or Jolean Edmonds      Edmonds Cattle Farm  EFF  Siloam NC  14410 
Jean & Ian Ellman-Brown      Guizaan    Todd NC  12810