Highland Cattle Member Listing 

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Name Quality
Beef Member
for Sale
Herd Letters Location Membership#
Jonathan Bennett      Coal Camp Cattle Co.  COA  Columbia SC  12339 
Richard & Angie Dever      Honea Path Highlands  RAH  Honea Path SC  14572 
Charles W. Hobart      Scottish Highlands of SC  HCH  Bluffton SC  14195 
Tim & Kirsten Joiner      The Joiner Farm  TKJ  Pelion SC  12587 
Jeff Lockwood      Lockwood Farm Highlands & Goats    McConnells SC  14264 
Roger D. Melton      Melton Farm  MLT  Rock Hill SC  12129 
Natalie or Brent Watkins      Williams Highland Cattle Co.  WCC  Spartanburg SC  14977