Highland Cattle Member Listing 

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Selection Criteria: or Member Located: Indiana, 
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Name Quality
Beef Member
for Sale
Herd Letters Location Membership#
Acorn Ridge Highlands        HI  Warsaw IN  592 
Shelly Blankenship      Levi Farms    Gosport IN  14772 
Jim & Nancy Carpenter      Carpenter Ranch  CRC  Zionsville IN  12000 
Richard Closser        RKF  Bloomfield IN  14115 
Peter Cook        IHH  Walkerton IN  12616 
Josh Cottrell      Windy Knoll Farms  LDO  Terra Haute IN  13412 
Albert W. Cross Family        YH  Springville IN  2434 
Matt & Adrienne Goodnight      Square E Farms  EEG  Muncie IN  14554 
Jason & Krystal Grimes      Grimes Hoosier Highland Farm  GRZ  Waynetown IN  14064 
Leslie Helsel & Jessica Craig      Rinker Creek Highlands  HE  Salem IN  12424 
Sara Kilburn      Honey Maple Highlands  GJS  Pierceton IN  14034 
Alex Lebrija      Jackalope Farms  JAF  Peru IN  14247 
Christopher Lee McCloud      Copper Ridge Farms  CRX  Bloomfield IN  14096 
Kyle McMillan      The Highlands at Fieldgate Farm  HFG  Sheridan IN  13137 
Erik G. Moore        EMO  Lafayette IN  14998