“Superior Carcase Sire Scheme”

The Hereford Cattle Society is offering a financial incentive to users of certified “Superior Carcase Sires”. These are bulls which have been identified from their Breedplan records as having potential to produce improved carcase quality in their progeny.

Purchasers of a “Superior Carcase Sire” will be eligible to claim £5.00 per calf on the progeny of the bull - confined to a maximum of 100 calves during a claim period of up to 4 years (3 crops of calves) from the purchase date of the bull.

The incentive may only be claimed once in the bull’s life and is confined to the original purchaser.

Claims to be submitted by the owner of the bull at 6 monthly intervals for calves up to 6 months of age by 30th June and the 31st December each year – no payments will be made in respect of any calf that is over 6 months of age at the time the claim is received.

All claims must be supported by an official list obtained by the owner of the bull from, in the case of England, Scotland and Wales – BCMS (British Cattle Movement Service) and in Northern Ireland – APHIS (Animal & Public Health Information Service).

Calves will be subject to a random DNA test for sire verification and checks will be made with the appropriate authorities that the bull was present on the farm at the time of conception of the calves.

The eligibility of a bull to qualify for “Superior” status is as follows:-

1.   Must be fully registered.
2.   Must come from a Herd that is Breedplan recorded.
3.   Must have a Birth Weight and at least two post-birth Weights recorded.
4.   Must have a minimum scrotal circumference of 32 cm measured by the scanning technician at the time of scanning.
5.   Must be under 30 months of age at the point of sale.
6.   Must be DNA tested.
7.   Must be tested free of hypotrichosis
8.   Must be officially transferred to the new owner.

9.   Must achieve the following Breedplan EBVs.
        Retail Beef Yield (RBY) – Top 20%
        Eye Muscle Area (EMA) – Top 25%
        Hereford Terminal Index – Top 25%
        Calving Ease Direct – Top 75%

This incentive provides a potential bonus of £500 to the purchaser – but the real value of using superior genetics should be obvious in the quality and performance of the progeny. EBLEX suggest that “selecting a sire with the right genetics could increase the profitability of a 50 cow suckler herd by £1,500 to £2,000 a year”.


“Half the value of a bull's EBV will be transmitted to his calves while the other half will come from their dams”.

For example, a bull with a 400 Day Growth EBV of + 62 kg. is estimated to have the genetic potential to be 62 kg. heavier at 400 days of age compared to a bull with an EBV of 0 kg. His calves would be expected to be 31 kg. heavier at that age when compared to calves by a bull with an EBV of 0 kg.”

With the increasing popularity of the Hereford Breed and the increasing demand for Branded Hereford Beef, the time has never been better to purchase a top performance Hereford Sire.

If you have any queries about the Hereford Superior Carcase Sire Scheme, please don't hesitate to contact The Hereford Cattle Society via  Email or phone +44(0) 1432 272057.