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Search for animals by name (or part of name) , by Registration Number, or look for animals using a variety of search criteria (eg. Published in Sire Summary, Breeder in Northern Ireland etc.)

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Find members of the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society using their name, membership number, herd prefix or search by Region

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Research pedigrees of listed animals. Search and/or sort catalogues using EBV values.
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Up-to-Date Listing of Semen for Sale.

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MEMBERS ONLY - Download Sire Summary files and your BREEDPLAN Herd Reports. Create and submit registrations and performance data on-line.
New users - please contact AACS to obtain your password.

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Aberdeen Angus BREEDPLAN EBVs are compiled from pedigree records submitted to the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society (AACS) and performance records collected by Aberdeen Angus breeders. Every effort has been made to report information accurately on animals, but BREEDPLAN, AACS and their officers and staff assume no responsibility for the content or the use or interpretation of the information published.