NZ Simmental


Terminal Index



EBV emphases (%):




This red bar-graph shows the emphasis on individual EBVs that is aimed for in the New Zealand Simmental Terminal $Index.  The signs indicate the directions of the emphasis.  For example, greater 400-Day Weight EBVs are favoured.


The EBV emphases reflect the underlying profit drivers in the commercial Simmental terminal crossing to British breed cows where there is only a moderate concern about calving difficulty and all progeny are slaughtered.  The emphases take account of the genetic relationships between the trait EBVs and the relevant profit drivers.


When $Index values are calculated, the weightings that are applied to each EBV are in actual units ($/kg, $/mm etc).  In this graph these weightings have been converted to standardised percents (%) to illustrate the relative emphases.