NZ Simmental


Maternal Index



EBV emphases (%):




This red bar-graph shows the emphasis on individual EBVs that is aimed for in the New Zealand Simmental Maternal $Index.  The signs indicate the directions of the emphasis.  For example, greater 400-Day Weight EBVs and lower Mature Cow Weight EBVs are favoured.


The EBV emphases reflect the underlying profit drivers in the commercial use of Simmentals when 300 kg carcase steers are being produced and daughters are retained for breeding.  The emphases take account of the genetic relationships between the trait EBVs and the relevant profit drivers.


When $Index values are calculated, the weightings that are applied to each EBV are in actual units ($/kg, $/mm etc).  In this graph these weightings have been converted to standardised percents (%) to illustrate the relative emphases.

SB 13.6.03