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Trait DescriptionMinMax @618 Breed
Avg *
Birth Wt. (kg) +0.1 
200 Day Wt (kg) +12 
400 Day Wt (kg) +18 
600 Day Wt (kg) +24 
Mat Cow Wt (kg) +25 
Milk (kg) +5 
Scrotal Size (cm) +1.2 
Carcase Wt (kg) +14 
Eye Muscle Area (sq cm) +0.8 
Rib Fat (mm) +0.0 
Rump Fat (mm) -0.1 
Retail Beef Yield (%) +0.6 
IMF (%) +0.0 
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*  Breed Avg. EBVs for 2014 Born Calves (@685)
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