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Talbalba Opportunity Female Sale - Online 

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Lot Animal Name Birth Date Identifier Sex Reg.Status
1 FLUSH - Pick of the Herd         
2 TALBALBA VALUER K76 (H)   Image Available 05/09/2014  R5XK76 Female  Registered
3 TALBALBA MONICA K233 (H)   Image Available 12/11/2014  R5XK233 Female  Registered
4 TALBALBA CHOICE K192 (H)   Image Available 13/10/2014  R5XK192 Female  Registered
5 TALBALBA ADVANCE K140 (H)   Image Available 22/09/2014  R5XK140 Female  Registered
6 TALBALBA CHOICE K82 (H)   Image Available 06/09/2014  R5XK82 Female  Registered
7 TALBALBA CHOICE K164 (H)   Image Available 04/10/2014  R5XK164 Female  Registered
8 TALBALBA MINERVA K118 (H)   Image Available 19/09/2014  R5XK118 Female  Registered
9 TALBALBA LIONESS K53 (H)   Image Available 28/08/2014  R5XK53 Female  Registered
10 TALBALBA CHOICE K33 (AI) (P)   Image Available 20/08/2014  R5XK33 Female  Registered
11 TALBALBA CHOICE K64 (AI) (P)   Image Available 30/08/2014  R5XK64 Female  Registered
12 TALBALBA CHOICE K98 (AI) (P)   Image Available 10/09/2014  R5XK98 Female  Registered
13 TALBALBA MINERVA K70 (P)   Image Available 01/09/2014  R5XK70 Female  Registered
14 TALBALBA CHOICE K139 (P)   Image Available 22/09/2014  R5XK139 Female  Registered
15 TALBALBA MINERVA K40 (AI) (P)   Image Available 25/08/2014  R5XK40 Female  Registered

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