-22/9/16 - Heeney Grabs Two Medals to Lead Club Results at CCC Championships

-9/21/16 - Nicholas Makeham Leads TAS Results at GPS
-13/9/2016 - Youman, Campion and Geddes Medal at CHS State Championships

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29/9/2016: Australian University Games *- TODAY -*
5/10/2016: Sportspower 400m Invitational Handicap
12/10/2016: Armidale Wednesday Athletics Week 1
Armidale Wednesday Cross Country Week 21
Armidale Wednesday Cross Country Week 20
Armidale Wednesday Cross Country Week 19

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Pauline Smith

World Masters Games

  • 7th Overall - 50-55yrs Womens Hammer
  • 9th Overall - 50-55yrs Womens 800m
  • 9th Overall - 50-55yrs Womens Javelin
  • 10th Overall - 50-55yrs Womens Discus

Australian Masters Championships

  • 4th Overall - 55-59yrs Womens 400m
  • 4th Overall - 55-59yrs Womens Javelin
  • 4th Overall - 55-59yrs Womens Shot Put
  • 4th Overall - 55-59yrs Womens Discus
  • 5th Overall - 55-59yrs Womens 1500m
  • 5th Overall - 55-59yrs Womens Hammer
  • 6th Overall - 55-59yrs Womens 800m
  • 6th Overall - 55-59yrs Womens 8km Cross Country

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